Vino and Vinyasa for life!
When my best friend Katie told me she wanted to go to Italy for her 30th birthday, I said sign me up! There was no hesitation. Little did I know that my life would forever be changed. I met the most incredible group of women and explored parts of Italy I had never even known existed (I’m looking at you Castellmare del Golfo)! As a guide, Cat provided everything for us. She was clear, straightforward and direct about what we were to expect--from detailed itineraries pre-departure to seamlessly purchasing and providing tickets for museums, trains and bikes, she truly thought of everything--no stone was left unturned. With her endless connections to the fine dining world and the wine industry, coupled with her flawless mastery of the Italian language, she was able to provide me with an entirely new experience of this wonderful country. This was my third trip to Italy but in many ways I felt like I was seeing it clearly for the very first time. I left the trip feeling inspired, rejuvenated and now have a serious case of wanderlust. I want to go back to school to get my Masters in art history. I want to finally take the plunge and do a yoga teacher training. I’m completely bitten by the Italy bug! I would do it all over again and plan to just as soon as I can.
To say Italy changed me feels like an understatement. I came back a fundamentally different person. I am less fearful, more ready and able to take on new challenges. I have been practicing Italian every day since we’ve returned as a way to feel connected to my fond memories of Italy. I am determined to find a way to incorporate travel to Italy (or even one day, a move) into my future plans. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll join the Vino and Vinyasa team as a yoga-instructor-art-history guide!

- Diana, May 2017

An Italian adventure full of vineyards, lavish places to stay, food, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime. Its difficult to put into words. It's an emotion one feels when seeing the beauty of Florence for the first time, or feeling the cool breeze of the coast in Sicily. It's the warmth from strangers who make you the most amazing food while visiting a winery.  It's the goosebumps and tears lightly dancing in your eyes when seeing The David or The Vatican. It's laughter with friends that will forever stay in your heart after experiencing such an amazing place.  It's the long lasting smile that creeps across your face long after you have been home. 
It's all a cluster of emotion for me. This is a trip of a lifetime, well thought out, well priced and perfect in every way. I can't imagine doing this again any other way than the way Catherine planned it.

Thank you again Cat for everything.  This trip will forever stay in my heart!!!

-Amanda, May 2017