Founded by Catherine Stratton, Vino and Vinyasa Tours is a unique travel concept company. We strive to give travelers an experience unlike any other: just imagine, an intimate exposure to an area of the world that is highly curated with the utmost attention to every detail, all in a very small group setting. Enjoy having doors opened to you that would not normally be opened for tourists while being taken to the best family owned vineyards and farms to taste the most delicious wines and oils you've ever had. Round it all out with a life changing yoga experience and you have our concept in a nutshell.

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Here are our upcoming retreats. Please feel free to contact us regarding custom trips or with any particular questions regarding any of our trips:


Sicily - Beach Side Vino & Vinyasa
September - 8 nights

$3,500 per person

Pricing based on double occupancy

upcoming retreats

There are few places in the world as magical as Italy. Where else in the world does the combination of history, culture, scenery, and world-class food and wine come together so perfectly. Everything just tastes better in Italy. Now maybe that's because they understand the importance of exceptional ingredients prepared simply or perhaps it's because we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths. What one can't deny is their devotion to slow food, 0 km sourcing, and upholding the traditions of each region.

Italy is my favorite place to take groups and my own personal weakness. I look forward to helping you fall in love with everything about this country.



I was fortunate enough to travel the wine regions of Spain for the first time in September of 2015, I can't wait to put together my first trip there! Stay tuned for upcoming itineraries.

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